Saturday, March 28, 2009

*Shining Down*Albuquerque, NM Children Photographer*

This little guy's Grandpa, an amazing, happy soul, passed from this Earth and flew straight on to Heaven yesterday morning. I am honored to have known him most of my life. Even in his dying hours he remained joyful and humorous...the two characteristics that he always possessed. I came across this picture of his grandson, "A," today. It is not only proves to me that this kiddo is surrounded by loving light, but more importantly, a comfort to my heart that his Abuelo will always protect and shine his angelic light down upon his family. God bless you, Mr. L. Thank you for your smiles.


  1. oh bree that is so sweet. great job. love the new logo by the way :)

  2. wow.
    what beautiful words to go with a beautiful picture.


  3. meredith bolesJune 04, 2009

    YOU- more than anybody- has captured so much more than just an amazing light but it is so obvious that in all your pictures your spirit and their story comes through. This picture and story should definatley be published:)