Sunday, August 30, 2009

*The Beautiful B's*Albuquerque,NM Family Photographer*

I love taking pictures of families that are so full of spirit and fun. It's such a good time for me to interact with and observe the love that particular family possesses. It makes it even more special when the family is one of my closest friends. I have known this beautiful Mama ever since she was born, a year after me. Her mom and my mom have been best friends since first grade, so we were automatically girlfriends. I have such vivid memories playing with her in her playhouse, hot tubbing it at her Grandparent's house, and laughing so much that we cried. I look at these images of her and her little family, and feel the love radiating through her eyes. I am so happy that our paths are still intermingled. From playing dolls, to having our own babies....our lives have been so blessed. I love you, sweet M (& your precious family!)

(Oh ya, if you need a good hair stylist...she's the best in town! Pardo's on Paseo, ya'll!)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

*giving back with all my heart*Albuquerque, NM Breast Cancer Photographer*

Even though I specialize in newborn, children, & senior photography, I am excited to be a part of an organization that honors the women who bless our lives with our children, & who nurture life itself.

As a cervical cancer survivor, I know that cancer is just a word. Something we can battle, fight, and overcome. So it is with a hopeful heart that I announce....

Bree Ross Photography is excited to announce a partnership with Think Pink Photography. Think Pink Photography was founded in October 2007 to support individuals and their families who have been touched by breast cancer. We are a charitable organization that serves two main purposes – celebrating life and supporting the cause.

Through our professional photographer network, we are helping breast cancer patients to celebrate life with charitable photography sessions. Individuals may choose to document their fight against the disease before or during treatment, or prefer to capture their victory by scheduling a session within 12 months after treatment is completed. Photographers world-wide are now available to donate time and talent to celebrate life and support the cause. There is no cost or obligation to the breast cancer patient. Clients participating in a Think Pink Session will receive a complimentary photo session, as well as a set of 10 small prints from the session. They will also receive a discount on any additional portraits they wish to purchase, although there is absolutely no purchase required at any time.

To support the cause, we have partnered with The Eric R. Beverly Family Foundation. All funds generated through donations and various fundraising efforts are paid directly to The Eric R. Beverly Family Foundation. As a 3-time breast cancer survivor, Danielle Beverly and her husband Eric joined together to form a foundation dedicated to promoting education, increasing awareness, and providing support and resources for families who have been touched by breast cancer.

Please subscribe to our blog (on the Think Pink website) and tell your friends and family about Think Pink Photography. Awareness is everything and we can’t be successful without you.

I encourage you to view our website, make a donation, or hire a photographer that supports Think Pink Photography! If you hire me, mention Think Pink and I will make a personal donation to the organization. If you, or someone you know, would like to schedule a Think Pink session, please contact me for details.

I am very proud to be a network photographer with Think Pink Photography, and am anxious to get the word out about this amazing program. For more information, you can contact me, or you can visit the Think Pink Photography website at:

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

*New Mexico Storm*

This one is just too pretty not to share. Taken from my mountain home's front yard.

Monday, August 17, 2009

*Exciting News*Albuquerque,NM Baby Photographer*

It's almost as exciting as finally reaching a piece of ice after numerous attempts....
INTRODUCING...Bree Ross Photography's new website! Check it out for lots of information and many more images of my work. Thank you for your support!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

*The Lovely L's Sneak Peek*Edgewood,NM Family Photographer*

What could be any better than an wide open prairie, an adorable family, and an amazing summer sunset...the only other thing I can think of is being blessed enough to capture this beautiful moment in time for this family.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

*Always better together*Albuquerque,NM Family Photographer,Baby Photographer*

One of my favorite things is observing new families. There is so much love and such a feeling of togetherness when they are in each other's company. This new, little family was just that...they gushed love, and showered warmth upon each other by simply, just being together.