Sunday, May 9, 2010

*Happy Mommies Day!* Albuquerque, NM Newborn Photography*

God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers.
~Jewish Proverb~

Mother's Day has always been one of the most special holidays to my heart. I can remember when I was a little girl spending hours writing poems, painting pictures, and planning breakfast in bed for my own mom. I remember the light in her eyes sparkling when I showered her with all of these small, but meaningful gifts of love.

This Mother's Day, however, has importance beyond any words. Last week, my family found out that my sweet mom, who has been fighting a kidney disease since 1990, and who went into full kidney failure almost 2 years ago, will be given the greatest gift another human can bestow...the gift of life, a new kidney. I am grateful, and my heart filled with thanks that I am getting my best friend, my biggest supporter, and my heart returned to me this Mother's Day.

So on this day...if you are a Mom-to-be, a seasoned Mommy, or a Grandmother, embrace your Mother, or the memory of her spirit. Love her for her wisdom, her patience, and her heart while also cherishing you own children, and reflecting upon the legacy you are leaving them. Abundant blessings and so much Mommy love to you all.

(Images are from the incredible newborn workshop I attended in San Diego a couple of weeks ago...more to come soon!)

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