Wednesday, January 6, 2010

*36 months ago....*

The decision to have a child
is to accept that your heart will forever walk about
outside your body.
~Katherine Hadley~

3 years ago this evening our 3rd child was born. She, like all children, is a gift directly from Heaven. However, I would have never imagined in that first moment when she looked into my eyes, and I into hers, just how much of a blessing she was going to be in our lives.

We were not planning on having another baby, however, we were overjoyed, with her arrival, and thanked God for blessing us with another healthy, baby girl. We enjoyed her first year, like all parents....first baths, giggles, babbles, words, likes/ know how it goes. She has always filled our lives with joy with her spritey personality and love how she can make anyone smile with her sweet, pixie demeanor.

21 months after her birth, our lives were hit hard when I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. It was caught early, and because of Divine intervention it was treatable relatively easy. The emotions and thoughts of that time were intense, but despite the diagnosis, I continually looked at my children as amazing blessings simply because I had such peace knowing that God knew exactly what I was going to need in my life prior to the cancer. He knew that I needed to have my other kids early on in life, and He knew what I needed even before I 3rd and absolute, last baby.

Yes, I do get pangs of wanting another baby whenever I hold, smell, or see a new mother cradle her own. Yet, I also know that choosing this path of capturing others' tiny miracles on camera, allows me to continue to cherish and experience new life. As I sit here and reflect tonight, I am humbled and grateful. I thank God for allowing me to be a mother. I cherish the moments, and looking lovingly to the future.

Happy Birthday, Sydney-Sue. Thank you for who you are, and for all that you have done for me in your first 36 months. God bless.

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