Monday, September 14, 2009

*Sexy Chic Venue*Albuquerque Photographer*

This past weekend, a fellow photographer passed on a referral for me to shoot an amazing engagement party on top of a bank building in downtown Albuquerque. Thanks so much lady! It was absolutely beautiful from the bottom floor to the top of the 8th story roof, where the party was held. Incredible views every way you turned. The energy was exciting and the party goers were stunningly beautiful. One of my favorite locations of this place was the sexy vibe lobby that was your first experience of the place when you walked in. Look at the details of the old building architecture mixed with contemporary style. Too cool! The shoot held it's challenges however. Crazy wind threw a detour to the party's black and white decor, and everyone's hairstyles soon became the wind blown look. Luckily, no rain damped the event, and everyone seemed to have a wonderful time taking in the city lights and each other's company, while celebrating the upcoming marriage of their friends.

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