Monday, June 15, 2009

*Mr. K*Albuquerque, NM Children Photographer*

I can remember being 11 just like it was a few days ago. Life at this age is all about finding out who you are...your style, your friends, your kind of music, what kind of person you are, the list could go on and on. I also remember the transition from elementary to middle school. Such a big time in your life where you struggle with wanting to be a young adult, but yet, still wanting to be a little kid, too. My best advice... find your heart, follow it, and never sway from who you are deep inside. This time in life is tough, but if you stay true to who you are, nothing, from peer pressure to clickish groups, can change whom God intended you to be.


  1. he is so freakin handsome.
    what a cool dude.


  2. oh these are great! he's so big!!!i will have to show kenny these! what a cutie..